Marriage in Islam


Marriage in Islam

As per the religion of Allah, marriage in Islam isn’t quite as trouble some as it has been made. Today our desires and expectations have increased to such an extent that we do not want to compromise on any issue anywhere.
Whether it is a boy or a girl in terms of appearance, qualifications, income or his or her family means family.
The boy should not be less than a family hero, should not be more than 25 years of age and earn enough money If a girl wants to be a maiden, her qualifications should not be less than that of a doctor or an engineer On the other hand, the conditions of the world have reached here today’s obscenity is at its height.

Adultery has become commonplace he brought the children to the point where today they have to make their girlfriends boyfriends we have no concept of I  in our religion and our Islamic society does not allow us to do that today our children are receiving co-education.
We did not impose any restrictions on them. We did not give them the knowledge of religion, fear of Allah, and piety then what should they do? even if some parents realize this need of their children in the beginning, they are content with their engagement while there is no concept of engagement in Islam then why do we become careless by engaging children and pushing them towards an illegitimate relationship? today, the age of marriage for children is passing.

One of the major reasons for this is the engagements which are broken after two to two years, five to five years. The reasons may be many as a result, the age of marriage increases, and the demand increases which we would not have given them for no reason the result is what we see today when Allah has ordained sustenance for a woman, then whatever you do, your children will get what is in their destiny, Then again, one more huge issue in our general public is that we would rather not take on individuals who have had some body before in their life. He is not ready to get married in any case no matter how much this man needs, he can commit Zina but not another marriage In this society, even those who are engaged, divorced, widowed, runaway or those who get married to two or three times have the same right to live with their heads held high as a well-to-do married man or a single young man the simple rule in Sharia to get rid of this responsibility is to do a lot of is taharah before establishing a relationship believe that your child has grown up many years ago and as far as earning is concerned, he who can bear the expenses of his girlfriend will surely bear his wife too.

Please make marriage normal and stop adultery here children are adults, and here they are introduced to their joints. Even if the age is not even 15 years. Especially for a girl in the West, when 11- to 12-year-olds can deal with life together, then why bother with practicing our religion? think, God, think and think again get yourself out of this sentence of what people will say. Society is formed by the actions of people. And this is what people want. You just can’t dare. If you dare, people will join you May Allah bless our children.
Amen, that meeting is the same as being is what Allah has written in their books.

General elections in the European Union.

General elections in the European Union.

Germany is viewed as the most grounded country in Europe as well as on the planet in light of major areas of strength for its and the choices made in its parliament influence the world as well preparations for the provincial and national assembly elections in Berlin, Germany, are in full swing this month, but they are very different from the preparations for the general elections in our country the election campaign here is not run by large rallies, but by placing pictures of people contesting elections on the enormous sheets in the roads across the city or the nation over with their party’s name on them.. The other way is to put their advertisements on the poles of the whole city participants in the elections go to their constituencies and meet with the people there, present their program to them and through dialogue persuade the people to vote for their party not only do the German people participate in these elections in large numbers, but foreigners with German citizenship also exercise their voting right on this day because they also know that their future is decided by the outcome of these elections. Is based in Germany and has been ruled by the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) for the past 16 years. In recent times, its popularity has declined significantly one of the many reasons for this may be that the German nation now wants a change in politics because in those 16 years a new generation has grown up with a slightly different angle of thinking and understanding and their priorities are slightly different from the old generation, and now they want to change at the moment, many political parties in Germany will run for the National Assembly
Of which five to six gatherings are remarkable and are famous among individuals.
Crust Democratic,
Social Democratic,
Free Democratic,
Alternative for Germany,
Green and Left with these races, the sun of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 16-year rule will set.
This time around, if his party wins the election, his candidate, Armen Lashit, will run for chancellor however, no one knows what the outcome will be every German citizen automatically joins the list of eligible voters in the general election here at the age of eighteen the number of voters in the 2021 elections this year is sixty-four million.

In the overall political race, German residents will actually want to practice their democratic right in two ways, one by post, and the other by visiting a surveying station in their area, as is the case in Pakistan these polling stations are extremely safe and secure, and there is almost zero chance of fraud the voter’s ID card is checked at the polling station to make sure that the vote belongs to him like the rest of the world, the vote is cast behind a curtain. In Germany, everyone has two suffrage.

There are two boxes to mark on the first paper, with the first mark he chooses the candidate of his constituency who has to win and become a Member of Parliament, as we have,
The second vote is given to directly elect any party which is not the case in our countries.
The number of votes cast for any political party indicates its success or failure.

To reach parliament, any political party needs the support of at least 5% of the electorate.
Paper has been used for voting in Germany for the last 70 years.
Here, too, voting hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
At the same time, the counting of votes in each constituency continues.
Thus, up to 95% of the results are announced by 6 pm.

There are 999 constituencies from all over Germany in this year’s elections. Each constituency is planned to have 250,000 people in each constituency, where the candidate will be directly elected and about the same number of seats will go to the party. Those are given by direct vote. Each party publishes a list of candidates for these seats in advance and submits it to the Election Commission.

In the United States the faithful dog took the police to the owner of the accident victim


In the United States the faithful dog took the police to the owner of the accident victim

Keita takes us to the owner of hypothermia after the collision, New Hampshire Police Washington January 06, 2022, In the United States, a bitch led the police to the scene of a traffic accident, which greatly affected the police. The owner of the bitch suffered a hypothermia due to low body temperature in a traffic accident.

According to media reports, the one-year-old German bitch Tinsley was standing on a highway connecting New Hampshire and Vermont in the northeastern United States he urged motorists to contact law enforcement. When police spotted the bitch and tried to catch her, Tinsley fled, and security officers chased her to Vermont, where a pickup truck was on the road. The impact left two individuals in the vehicle with hypothermia, one of whom was the proprietor of a bitch. New Hampshire Police composed on Facebook that plainly Tinsley (police) raced to the scene and the harmed.


Top 5 Foods Guaranteed To Reduce Pain And Inflammation


Top 5 Foods Guaranteed To Reduce Pain And Inflammation.

Irritation of the stomach or skin is a response to a disease or sensitivity by our safe framework. This typically brings about enlarging or redness of any piece of the body Often it likewise causes torment. It is vital to treat it in time since, supposing that it isn’t finished, it can prompt numerous hazardous sicknesses like heftiness, coronary illness, and malignant growth.
You can undoubtedly stay away from these expected illnesses by making the accompanying significant food varieties a piece of your eating regimen.



This aromatic herb is widely used in a variety of pasta sauces and pizzas. It has a special ability to fight the inflammatory enzyme cyclooxygenase basil and is also effective in preventing damage to body cells and chromosomes from radiation and free radicals emitted from everyday electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets basil also relieves joint pain, arthritis, and gastritis.

Bell paper

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These flavorful vegetables have properties such as vitamin C and antioxidants that help fight inflammation. These include Sinapic Acid and Ferulic Acid, which relieve inflammation and reduce the effects of aging. ۔
Being the best source of phytonutrients, it reduces the chances of cancer.



Whether it is purple or green, special ingredients like Polyphenols in Cabbage enable it to solve the problem of inflammation.



This vegetable is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds and strengthens our immune system by eliminating free radicals that cause inflammation. It also protects against germs that cause infections. In addition to increasing physical energy, cauliflower also increases the number of red blood cells and guarantees strong bones.



This miraculous spice helps in better functioning of the immune system and brain. It also eliminates problems like cancer, diabetes, and indigestion and is also effective in weight loss. According to a study, cinnamon is very effective against inflammation. Proven because it contains a high proportion of antioxidants. This spice works more effectively with magnesium, another ingredient that lowers blood pressure.