Biography of Ivana Trump

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Biography of Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump is a former model who is best known as the first wife of real estate mobile Donald trump who is Ivana Trump is a previous model list spouse of Donald trump she and trump were important for new york city’s social first class during the 1980s the two split in 1990 and Ivana won a $20 million separation settlement she later distributed the best is on the way adapting to separate and getting a charge out of life again in it she encouraged divorced people to scam his wallet early life Ivana was born of anna Marie zelnickova February 20th, 1949 ingot Wal to doff now’s Lynn Czechoslovakia now the cheche publisher athletic talents emerged at an early age.

Ivana started skiing competitively at the age of six at 12 she entered a national training program during her teenage years Ivana competed in tournaments throughout European in 1967 she turned into an understudy at Charles University in Prague Ivana kept on skiing during school and expressed she had been chosen as another for her nation ski group for the 1972 Olympics however her statement has been questioned for its legitimacy around this time she married her first husband Austrian skier Alfred winkle Mayer their union only lasted a few years eventually immigrating to Canada Ivana spent some time working as a skin structure before starting a modeling career in the 1970 sher work eventually brought her to work in 1976. during her time there she met aspiring real estate mogul trump and marriage to Donald Trump after a whirlwind courtship, Ivana married trump in 1977.

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The couple had three children together Donald jr Ivanka and eric she became a fixture in the elite newyork social scene during the 1980s Ivano also worked within her husband’s company serving as an interior design consultant on several of her high-profile projects including the trump tower in new york city and the trump plaza hotel and casino in Atlantic city she held executive positions at the plaza hotel in new york and trump’s castle hotel and casino for many years as well while she was a resource for his business Ivana had a blustery relationship with her better half trump’s high-profile political arrangement making and excited self-advancement kept.

In their marriage in the public eye, Ivana was isolated from her better half in 1990 amid gossipy tidbits about his issue with Marla maples after extensive separation procedures Ivana won a 20 million divorce settlement this figure was remarkable because trump’s real estate empire was tottering on the edge of bankruptcy at the time recent years after her divorce Ivana began tori herself she wrote two novels for love alone and free to love in the early 1990s Ivana also shared her life experience in the successful self-help book the best is yet to come adapting to separate and appreciating life again 1995.

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In her book, she advised women divorcees to get themselves a great settlement, and before you do take their wallets to the cleaners that same year Ivana married wealthy Italian money manager Ricardo matsuchellithe couple just a brief time before isolating herself in 1997. in the late 1990s, Ivana created her fashion company Ivana rate couture which manufactured clothes fragrances, and jewelry she also started another company called Ivana incorporated to handle her public appearances and other media work according to her official website trump had a cameo in 1996 comedy the first wives club starring goldie Hawn Diane Keaton and Bette moldering 2006 she had her dating show Ivana young man in April 2008.

Ivana married Rossano rubicon Ivana 59 and rubicund 36 dated for six years before they married in a lavish ceremony at Donald trump’s palm beach Florida estate but this fourth excursion down the walkway before long ended up being another short association she declared their separation that December she pinned the split on the couple needing to live in various urban communities Ivana returned to reality television in2010 as a competitor on England’s celebrity big brother the following year she launched a new venture a line of wines she partnered with legends wines to seller own collection of wines produced in California two years later Ivana helped promote the work of artist Giovanni Perrone she held an opening for him in new york city in May 2013

4 Highly educated actresses of Bollywood

How much did the four famous actresses who made a name for themselves in Bollywood, study?

Mumbai: How much did the film actresses Johi Chawla, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, and Rani Mukherjee, who made a name for themselves in Bollywood, study? Fans are always eager to know these things.

The actress, who has ruled Bollywood for two decades, is considered by many fans as her role model and that is why fans are eager to know about her education.

Aishwarya Rai
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Aishwarya Rai

Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai was born on November 1, 1973, to a Bengali family. The actress started her film career in Bollywood with film and love. I got my higher education from DG Rupareel College, but some media reports say that Aishwarya did not complete her college education and was a college dropout.

Kareena Kapoor
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Kareena Kapoor

Born into the Kapoor family on September 21, 1980, Kareena Kapoor is one of the most successful actresses in Bollywood today. Bebo, who started her film career as a refugee, attended Jumna Bai Nursery School in Mumbai and Wilhelm Girls School in Dehradun. For higher education, she chose Mithi Bai College, Mumbai, but due to her film career, she remained a dropout student of the college.

Johi Chawla
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Johi Chawla

Born on November 13, 1967, in Ambala, Haryana, Johi Chawla started her film career in 1986 with the film Sultan. However, he got a new identity with Aamir Khan in 1988 from the movie Doomsday to Doomsday.

Johi was always serious about her studies and she did her schooling at Fort Convent School in Mumbai and graduated in HR from Sandenham College in Mumbai.

Rani Mukherjee
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Rani Mukherjee

Born on March 21, 1978, Rani Mukherjee is a successful actress in the film world. Rani started her film career in 1997 with the film Raja Ki Aayegi Barat. He proved his mettle with the films Black, Hiccup, and Mardani.

He completed his schooling at Manik G. Cooper High School, Joho, Mumbai, and completed his graduation from Sweet Bai College, Mumbai.


The Call Of The Earth

The Call Of The Earth

Pakistan is one of a handful of the nations on the planet that is in the most hazardous spot because of environmental change. We never took our earth mother seriously nature has shown us how large this issue has become for us. Fast turn of events, change in time and logical transformation have brought us far away from nature and, surprisingly, very nearly obliteration. We have drawn out our requirements and contaminated our current circumstance such a lot of that normal catastrophes are approaching over us from all sides. The determined utilization of normal assets currently represents a serious danger to these assets.

Without arranging we developed the populace thus did our requirements the constant deforestation decreased the precipitation and dirtied the climate. That, however it likewise expanded the starvation. To address the issues of the populace, we assembled private houses and business fixates on significant rural land. In other words, urban areas and towns have been extended and accordingly the regular vegetation of the land is being drained. Made the breezes inconspicuously. Springs are evaporating, and waterways and seas are getting dirtied. Numerous creatures and birds are becoming uncommon and those in overflow are experiencing complex illnesses.

Causing pollution

Natural contamination causes new catastrophes, like floods, avalanches, icy masses, tropical storms, typhoons, heavy rains, and tremors. These cataclysmic events are disturbing the equilibrium of life on Earth and the climate man is responsible for this because the unnatural use of natural resources, putting his desires in the first place, has carried him really close to calamity, where he currently finds it hard to battle for his endurance. Ashraf al-Mukhloqat, to satisfy his passion, has made such irony that even this earth would be astonished and say with its present language, There is no distinction between evil furthermore, no worry for the endurance of people in the future.

Preparing for the future

The harm brought about by natural contamination has proactively occurred. However, we can’t travel once again into the past! By better anticipating the future, you can save the assets that are as yet accessible to you and your current circumstance. in any case, how? The following are a couple of thoughts on the most ideal way to look or get a game plan for outdated things.

1. We must stop deforestation at all costs On the off chance that this disintegration isn’t halted, the state of humanity will keep on deteriorating and more terrible, in any event, losing the fight for its endurance.

2. We should establish a huge number of new trees consistently, not millions so that new woods and plantations can be made alongside the expansion in existing backwoods. These trees will be a wellspring of temperature decrease, oxygen supply, and precipitation. A couple of days prior I composed a point by point article in such manner, which can be perused from this connection.

The tree is man’s sincere friend

3. It is additionally significant for the endurance of the planet that we safeguard air, water, and soil from contamination. This contamination incorporates a wide range of physical, substance, and natural properties that are influencing human existence as well as modern turn of events, lodging, and social cash-flow to the place of outrageous harm. We should promise that we won’t spread pointless contamination, including smoke, gas, corrosive drops, plastics, iron, manures, and liquor.

4. At any point can’t help thinking about the amount we add to air contamination, both deliberately and accidentally, and what the impacts are? No, We drive vehicles and motorbikes pointlessly which squanders significant fuel as well as radiates poisonous exhaust from the fuel and in this way many individuals kick the bucket consistently from different sicknesses. It would be great if we would walk a brief distance and utilize the vehicle just when required. Many individuals sit in one vehicle and go to their positions or utilize public vehicle. Likewise fix the silencer of your vehicle.

The main wellspring of fuel in Chitral, Gilgit-Baltistan, Dir, Swat, and Kohistan is wood. We need to consume wood for every one of the errands like eating, washing and washing water, and warming the body. Figure the number of trees that will be eliminated a yearly premise assuming kindling is scorched uninterruptedly during the a year of the year. Additionally, the risky smoke from these woods and flames probably contaminated our current circumstance. As well as disabled vision in uneven regions because of the smoke, respiratory, hack, heart, and asthma illnesses are normal. Rather than consuming wood for fuel, the public authority should give elective sources (like the continuous stock of gas and power) to individuals with the goal that from one perspective we can stay away from infections and then again we can save our valuable stores for the future time.

5. It is normal to move starting with one office then onto the next, city or country, for work and business purposes. In any case, the Corona scourge has shown us online gatherings, web based shopping, online classes, and how to telecommute depending on the situation. Heading out starting with one spot then onto the next can prompt actual exhaustion as well as a misuse of significant time, cash, and different assets. Interestingly, it is feasible to stay away from this multitude of problems and pointless costs by taking on an internet based stage. Along these lines, we can diminish the contamination of the climate and the earth. In any case! In no way, shape or form would I like to pass that I prescribe for the mother on to be dormant. Here are a few hints to assist you with staying away from pointless travel.

6. There are numerous occasions, displays, sports rivalries and fairs in various nations and urban communities of the world yet toward the finish of such projects one can perceive how much adverse consequence this multitude of occasions have had on the climate. The coordinators of these projects frequently don’t consider the trash, and so on, which is the reason for their different exercises, thus following several days of happiness, they enjoy luxurious plastic sacks, bottles, extra food, cigarette butts, organic product strips and Don’t be aware in the event that anything turns into a weight on this lovely earth. To keep up with the great shape of the climate and forestall the spread of such foulness, the coordinators of all such projects need to think genuinely and plan as per a strong system, if not, your transitory varieties will prompt long disillusionments.

7. it has been seen that a great many people fill their plates with food yet they can’t eat it entirety so a great deal of food is squandered as per a report by the World Food Program, an UN organization, 1.3 billion tons of food is squandered on the planet consistently. We should cook less, take out as per our needs and appetite, and not waste food. We can take more if needed. In this way, we can use the most nutritious food from the environment as needed and prevent it from being wasted unnecessarily.

Further steps should be taken

By making little strides exclusively, we can make our current circumstance favorable, fragrant and fragrant. Models: halting the superfluous release of water from taps or streams, killing the utilization of pointless electrical apparatuses, supplanting conventional bulbs or cylinders with present day durable LEDs, dealing with neatness around you, and staying away from pointless buys. By running ecological mindfulness crusades, reusing reusable things, purchasing practical items, lessening utilization of meat and dairy items, and saving your significant assets, and chargers, pressing, and TVs. By eliminating the wire from the attachment, and so forth. These apparently little advances however their impacts on the climate will be extremely sure and enduring.

Please! On World Environment Day, be responsible for how and where we have scratched this world mother and which part is passed on to scratch for sure part is as yet worth fixing subsequent to scratching. Make a framework that will cause our hearts to sob tears of blood at the possibility of destroying it and save us from additional ruin. By following the above focuses and making a lot more strides you can save your world’s mom from everlasting obliteration. This world, which has turned into a hotbed of ecological disorder, can be made the support of heaven by dealing with its level.

Please! Commit to a promise and let each individual do his part in satisfying this promise that after today we will do nothing that will dirty our wonderful climate, our fragrant environment will introduce a scene of rot and people in the future will revile us. Rather, we will take a stab at its endurance and keep it green and lavish.


Biography Of Mirza Ghalib


Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib
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One Of The Famous Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib

Leading Bollywood singer and filmmaker Gulzar has written a poem that is very popular on social media these days. This is the last stop.

From the same dim dark street Qasim
A sequence of lamps begins
A page of Qur’anic discourse opens
The address of Asadullah Khan ‘Ghalib’ is found

Come on Qasim Jan’s street in Balimaran’s neighborhood of Old Delhi, there used to be a man named Ghalib, but why do people still look for his address? Why is he still so famous?

I asked one of my Urdu and critical friends who is the dominant one. His answer was: ‘The question is seemingly simple but very deep. Simple because people will laugh at you because you don’t even know who is dominant and deep because even the dominant didn’t know who is dominant? And they, too, have left the answer open to others to keep on trying to get to know Ghalib.

There used to be an advertisement for a soft drink saying ‘Cold means Coca Cola’, just like today ‘Poet means Mirza Ghalib.

Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib
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It is a well-known fact that Ghalib was said to have been a poet a hundred years ago in his own time. What But the tragedy about Ghalib is that most of the research on Ghalib has been done by Urdu people, so Ghalib is still limited.

While Ghalib had lamented the lack of Urdu language, Syed Muhammad Zain-ul-Haq alias Zain Shamsi, a well-known Urdu teacher in Bihar, has blamed Urdu researchers for not knowing Ghalib so far. He says Ghalib did not understand because people read his commentary, not Ghalib’s, and continued to understand him through the same lens as commentators or critics.

It is as if the story of the four blind elephants about Ghalib is true, that is, the one who touched the limb of the elephant.

On Zain Shamsi’s statement, my thoughts went to a person who has nothing to do with Urdu but according to him, Ghalib is in his soul. I thought why not check Zain Shamsi’s claim. When I immediately called and asked, Waqar Ahmed, who is doing MB, said, Only the meanings of Ghalib’s poems open up.

He said: “Ghalib is not a poet of a single era but a poet till the Day of Judgment because as long as there are problems, there are worries, there are longings of people which are not fulfilled. Until then, Ghalib is relevant.” And these things are eternal. Ghalib’s life is a life of struggle. This man has spent his whole life proving himself, his problem is not with the people but directly with God.

Waqar Ahmed said: ‘Iqbal wrote’ Shukoh ‘and’ Jawab Shukoh ‘which Ghalib had written a hundred years ago: It is given in the same way as Iqbal has ended the ‘glorious answer’ that ‘if you are faithful to Muhammad then we are yours / where this thing is, what tablet and pen are yours’ while Ghalib says ‘I am in his ummah’ Why should my work be stopped?

He says that Ghalib can be understood only from his poems which contain all his mystical and philosophical poems and he is a preacher and follower of unity of existence which the common man is unable to understand.

However, his contemporaries objected to his language, pointing to Ghalib’s difficulty. Even Aishwarya Dehlavi satirized Mirza Ghalib by reciting these poems.

Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib
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If you understand your own words, what do you understand?
When it comes to having fun, say one thing and understand the other
Understand the word Mir and understand the language, Mirza
But you should understand what he said or God should understand

Dominant in itself.

Anyway, after talking to Waqar Ahmed, I picked up the Diwan of Najam-ud-Daulah, Dabir-ul-Mulk, Mirza Nosha Asadullah Khan Ghalib Bahadur Nizam Jang, and at first glance, I found that Ghalib is the one who comes to mind from the unseen. Ghalib is a reader of humorous writing. The mighty is the one who is trapped between hope and beam, the mighty is the one who is under fire. Ghalib is the companion of Sheh, the one who brings them down.

Ghalib Andalib Gulshan is unaffected. The dominant persecution is the longing for separation. Dominant is the green that grows poison. Ghalib is an old man, a free man. Noisy, restless head. The dominant word is comprehensible and eloquent. Ghalib is ashamed, Ghalib is complaining. Ghalib is a guardian, he is a greedy person, Ghalib is a spectator in the guise of the poor.

Ghalib is a ghazal singer, is a mahram of Nawa-e-Raz, is huge in depression and sorrow, and is a believer in fitna mahshar. Ghalib is crazy, wise, and united in his skill. He is beyond non-existence, not the time that could not come, that is, for every age. Her sigh is fiery. He is free from the shackles of the past, his footsteps are the bubble of speed, the shore of the shore, whose cell is flooded with kidneys. Ghalib is the one who is free and self-sufficient even in servitude.

The dominant is the one who has no control over anything, Dominant is the one in front of whom is the world of children. Dominant is the fiery statement, in front of which no one stands, so that there is no aspect of life’s tension that they do not express, and then to say that ‘the choice of poems disgraced me’ makes it even more interesting. Is. Yet the dominance is beyond description.

On one occasion, the well-known Urdu critic Shams-ur-Rehman Farooqi had said: ۔ ‘

Waqar said that Allah Almighty above and Ghalib below and all the commotion in between means that when there is no one present then what is this commotion O God?

Who is dominant? When I asked this question Ahmed Mahfooz, Professor of Urdu Language and Literature at Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi, said that Ghalib is the last great poet of the classical tradition of Urdu poetry while the modern poetic tradition. He is the first great poet.

In other words, Ghalib is a person who has the status of a high bridge between the two traditions of Urdu and it is seen from afar that no one can object to them.

Let’s take a look at Ghalib. You will find a lot of information about his data everywhere on the internet that he was born on December 27, 1797, in the house of Abdullah Baig in Agra. The 13-year-old was groomed, came to Delhi and was called Mian Nosha, and stayed here. First became Assad, then called Ghalib, and became famous throughout the ages. Which he also felt.

Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib
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They are also very eloquent in the world
It is said that Ghalib has a style of expression

Saw the Mughal Empire at its sunset. He became the companion of the king, descended, then a new era came in which iron roads ie railway tracks were laid and the incident of the year 1857 took place in which Delhi was razed to the ground. Poetry dwindled and prose was invented in such a way that the message was turned into a dialogue, and when he died on February 15, 1869, saying, “Dear, now Allah is Allah.”

It’s a human story, but there’s something more powerful. Zain Shamsi said on the phone that there are many questions.

Ghalib’s greatest miracle is that it is very difficult to reject any of his poems or any of his theories. If Ghalib saw Zahid being drunk, then he has also talked about humorous writing.

On the other hand, Prof. Ahmed Mahfooz says that Ghalib worked to establish Urdu ghazal as opposed to Persian ghazal. Ghalib’s ghazal is classical to its contemporaries and enjoys all its features and attributes.

They have a lot of interrogative styles… What is it, and why is it? Their predecessors do not ask questions but they ask questions. What happened to you? What is the cloud? What is wind? When no one exists, then what is this commotion, O God?

Prof. Ahmed Mahfooz says that the impressions of new sensibility are visible in Ghalib while Ghalib is completely different in terms of style. The subjects are the same, lover and rival but their statement is based on rationalism, is abstract, abstract, rationale, and imaginative. Ghalib’s similes, metaphors, imagination, and reason are more.

Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib
image Source-Google | image by-Nandni
I will not have less taste than a desert
The bubble of speed is my footsteps

They have an idea, that is, to tie the idea to a new meaning. Poets like Naskh and Shah Naseer were skilled in this while Bedel was famous. Which Ghalib himself has confessed:

Saying Rekhta in the style of Bedal / Asadullah Khan is the Hour.
image Source-Google | image by-Tarana Khan
Whoever gets lucky, my day is dark
That person should not say day, how can it be night?

Ghalib is a difficult choice in his poetry and his life. Instead of saying things directly, they say things in a layered manner that can take many demands at once.

The three people I spoke to are a teacher and a journalist, a common reader, and a professor of Urdu language and literature but all of them say that Ghalib is a devout Muslim but he could not be understood and this is his job. Has done it himself.

Ahmed Mahfouz cited a poem as an example
“Break the chain, break Saad Dana.”

Explaining that the beads of the rosary are high and low while the zinar is a thread and is straight which is tied by the followers of other religions ie following Islam is a difficult task compared to other religions and they have chosen the difficult task.

Ghalib says, “I am happy to see the road burning.”

The destination beyond essay writing is imagination and the miracle of Ghalib is that most of his poems fall into this category and go for a world of meaning. Ghalib wrote in one of his letters that “poetry is not a metaphor but a creation of meaning.”

Zain Shamsi says that he understood this poem of Ghalib in the time of Corona, “If there was nothing, there was God, there would be God.

He says that the issue of Ghalib’s religious tendency is not Muslim but what Islam has said. Universal is a universal concept. There are two things in this world, reward, and sin. Thus in the hereafter, there are two things, heaven, and hell and between them, there are two things, action and charisma or miracle. Everyone wants to go to heaven and the organized business of religion is spread all over the world but Ghalib is beyond this religious economy and industry.

At the same time, he said that the words of Ghalib have not been given the status of the inspirational book by Abdul Rehman Bajnoori in the same way.

Ghalib used to give more importance to his Persian speech but he got more fame because of his Urdu speech. He was a living being, but his word is universal.

Well-known historian William Dillermple said in an interview two years ago that he is like all the great poets like Shakespeare for all time while Shams-ur-Rehman Farooqi said that no poet can be great unless his Poetry should not be free from the bondage of time and place.

Ghalib’s prose.

Well-known critic Shamim Hanafi writes in this regard that “prose and poetry have many exceptional statuses. One aspect of this distinction is that no other author has written so little and made such a stable and permanent place for himself as Ghalib.

Ghalib wrote in a letter to Mir Ghulam Hasnain Qadir Bulgrami: Fifty years have passed in this style of exercise. The body is no longer fit. Prose writing Persian one pen paused. Urdu, so the wording in it is an abandoned pen. Which come on the tongue and come out of the pen. The foot is in the stirrup and the hand is in the garden. What should I write and what should I say? ‘

If Ghalib is said to be the greatest poet of despair, then he is also the greatest poet of hope, and his motto is that “to be sorry is to renew the covenant of desire”.

Poetry has been praised and interpreted by many people but the one in which there is an essay is good poetry, the one in which there is dialogue is higher than that but the one in which there is self-talk is greater and in Ghalib, these three conditions Are present in their standard style but the rhetoric itself is the highest and that is why Ghalib will be understood with new meanings for every age while the well-known comedian Mushtaq Ahmed Yousifi has written in one place that ‘Ghalib is the only such thing in the world. A poet who gives double pleasure when he does not understand.

I am selling something to the jinn
God forbid


Beauty of Banaras


image Source-Google | image by-Manan Kapoor, Sahapedia

Beauty of Banaras

There are two things to keep in mind in poetry. When reading them, keep in mind what culture the poet belongs to. Iranian poetry had a profound effect on Urdu or Persian poetry in India and friends still know it, but there is one great thing in it, preaching. Exaggeration is a lie that is considered good in poetry. You have seen that everything is a lie but the difference between the lie of ordinary life and poetry is that in ordinary life the lie of man is nothing but a joke, laziness, or deception, whereas the lie of poetry or literature is of two things. During this time a ligament is formed. Say metaphor, rosary, allegory, or whatever. While writing all this the poet or writer knows only one relation, that is, when someone says that ‘that face is like the moon, then he is discovering the most beautiful attribute of the moon in his beloved, then the moon. . Not only the radiance of everything but also the radiance of the light at night which creates coolness and serenity, like the wave in the sea, all these things are also seen in the face of the beloved. You can call the old poetry the living poetry of Istiar because when Urdu was in its infancy, both new Istiar and new idioms were being born fast.

Ghalib, the uncrowned king of this world of creation, traveled to Calcutta like this, why! You all know this but they stopped at some places on the way, Banda, Lucknow, and Kashi or Banaras are such places. Those who have read Ghalib’s letters have studied his Urdu-Persian poetry well, needless to say, he has no connection with the faded Delhi and deserted Dehlavi civilization. When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan asked him to write Ain Akbari, he said that at a time when the British nation is lighting a lamp on the winds, you are peeking into the well of the past. He also told Mir Mehdi Majrooh that the Delhi you are proud of has disappeared. His famous phrase is “Hi Delhi, Way Delhi, Bihar Mein Jai Delhi”. This does not mean that Ghalib hated Delhi, it was not but he knew that the culture of Delhi and its propaganda is a fictitious and fictitious thing, the world is taking a turn, hence the good of new cultures. The course of the meanings of this long-winded introduction to Mabalga Arai and Delhi is that you have to recite some poems of ‘Chirag Dir’. I do not consider my reader so incompetent that he does not know that ‘Chirag Dir’ is a Masnavi written on Ghalib’s Banaras. There are 108 poems in this Masnavi and it has been translated from Persian not only into Urdu but also into Sanskrit, Hindi, English, and many other languages. Now listen to these poems of Ghalib in praise of Banaras from this Masnavi and try to connect my point with it:

image Source-Google | image by Vishnu Makhijani
Darm Ink Heart for the sake of the earth
The taste is intoxicating.

(My heart has come to this land of flowers, what a beautiful place where spring is)

That I have come to claim this place.
A Tawaf of Jahanabad from Bihar

(This is a proud place to visit in Delhi)

Banaras but seen in a dream
That I’m burning all the time

(Maybe Delhi saw Banaras in a dream, then canal water came in its mouth)

For the canal we are talking about here, Malik Ram has written in the article titled ‘Chiragh-e-Dir’ in his book ‘Giftar Ghalib’ that ‘the canal here means the canal of Saadat Ali Khan. What used to flow from Fatehpuri to Lal Qila in the middle of Old Delhi Chandni Chowk, existed till the beginning of this century (twentieth century), it was decided to close it so that it would not be an obstacle to free entry. Fleet and movement in the city. Banaras is also being praised, the plight of Delhi is being described and at the same time the wonderful aspect of poetry which is characteristic of Ghalib is traveling along with it, if you think that is not enough, Ghalib Has He defeated Banaras not only from Delhi but also from China and declared the beauty of China useless and useless in front of him. Listen to the poem:

How did Banaras go to China?
Still, a gang is a Chinese bar Jabeen.

That is to say, Banaras were associated with the beauty of China. Since then, the happiness of the Ganges has been the chain of its forehead. It is called taking advantage of the concessions, the things that Ghalib has written about Banaras, obviously he has written from his abbreviation in Qiyam, there is more to listen to the people. The eyewitness is the one who mentions the hair of the handsome boys of Banaras. Ghalib had not been so long ago that one could claim about these seasons that in the harsh winters and summers of the world, people come to Kashi packing their belongings from outside, as well as how many pilgrimages to Banaras. I don’t know, but he not only understands the religious significance of Banaras but also writes beautiful poems about it. I do not know how Malik Ram would have written that Ghalib would have written about the religious significance of Kashi or Banaras or about reaching Banaras or being saved from death. He has worked but he has written in Ghaftar-e-Ghalib about the eternal rituals that are found in Ghalib’s words, for example, in this poem:

Write a rule, a lock, a birth.
Who knows what Zambish O Kalam is?

Malik Ram himself has written in detail about the mention of writing birth certificate in it and Ghalib was not so ignorant that while living in India he was not even familiar with Hindu culture and rituals. The definition of the beauty of the Hindus themselves which is found in ‘Chiragh-e-Dir’, we have also seen in the taste here the same Hindu who emerged as a part of the tradition, which Babar called ugly and cheap in his language. The diary was not only discovered by Urdu poets but also described with great eloquence because he was one of those beauties. There was a link, this is the famous poem of taste that I was referring to.

Letters grow, hair grows, coils grow, and grasses grow.
As Hassan’s government grew, so did the Hindus

In any case, I would like to end my talk on this one poem of Ghalib which should be a source of pride for all Indians and should convey this great heritage to us by looking at the beauty of Banaras through the eyes of Ghalib. Generations speak of the dominant Banaras.