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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Emotions are the mother of all emotions the human being who nurtured a drop in the womb got a prominent place in the capital of every civilization. Social classifications may say anything, but to place someone other than the mother in the first place in the history of human consciousness would be a great injustice. Mother is the most sacred relationship in the world, for which there is no substitute. Many writers have been instrumental in bringing this great mother’s  loving relationship to the heights of fame today, on the occasion of International Mother’s Day, let us read some books from the Rekhta e-books library in which the greatness and sanctity of the mother are presented in different colors of poetry and prose.

Mother’s name

There are such countless sorts it’s challenging to say contains essays, fiction, stories, translations, and poetry this book contains about twenty-five articles, in which the greatness and devotion of the mother have been criticized in many ways for example, in this article, the importance of the mother in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith has been highlighted. Similarly, in the article ‘Mother in Hindu Mythology’, the greatness of the mother has been explained in various holy books, stories, and Vedas of the Hindu religion Similarly, ‘Mother in Art and Philosophy’, ‘Mother in Urdu Poetry’, ‘Mother in Hindi Poetry’ ‘Mother of Urdu Fiction’, ‘Mother in Marathi Poetry’ etc. Some articles cover every aspect of motherhood in detail. In addition, the book contains interesting myths, stories, and legends, in which the sanctity of the mother is described in the paradigm of creation the book also contains translations and poetry, and poetry in many genres. At the end of the book, under the title ‘Our Mother’, ten or twelve writers have written sketches of their  mothers the book is huge and contains a lot of material on its subject.


The Urdu translation of Maxim Gorky’s novel Mother is reviewed, which came to light in 1906 the novel is considered a classic in Russian literature, which distinguishes Maxim Gorky from his contemporaries the narrative of this novel spins around a worker, his mom, a portion of his companions, and a couple of ladies the main character of the novel “Mother” is the old, illiterate mother of the hero of the novel Paul, Nluvana, who is completely ignorant of the philosophy of revolution She is an oppressed woman who grew up in poverty. She is a straightforward woman who lived a life of violence and oppression. She has endured the persecution of her husband and society She loves her son Paul very much Powell is a young man who becomes a factory worker after the death of his father After meeting people in the factory and discussing with revolutionary-minded friends, he realizes that there are only workers who can bring about a change in the system he attends consultative meetings with socialist friends Paul’s mother is no different from the mothers of other factory workers, but when her son Powell becomes a revolutionary by rejecting the whole factory and the whole way of life, his mother stands by his son’s side in the novel, Mother Nalwana’s path becomes the path of the workers’ revolution Maxim Gorky’s novel is world-famous and has been translated into almost every language in the world.

Munawar Rana is a respected name in Urdu and Hindi poetry. He has gained a lot of fame through his poetry. His word is a mirror of his past and world. He says his own words: It reflects the grief of losing one’s loved ones, childhood memories, love of homeland, the reality of life, and love of a mother. He used ghazal as a medium to express his heartfelt feelings and emotions, especially the words written on “Mother” included in the collection under  consideration including ghazal “Mother” Published in Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali. Munawar Rana’s collection “Maa” is very famous for taking the mother’s loving sacred relationship to the heights of fame in which the poet has portrayed the greatness, love, and character of the mother in the form of ghazals in such a beautiful way that the  feeling of love for one’s mother is awakened in the reader.

For this reason, this collection is unique and exemplary. In this way, Munawar Rana took the ghazal out of Mehboob Ki Chari and tied it with Karman’s ankle in his poetry, there is an innovation of new style and harmony of style and classical color and harmony the book “Mother” is a collection of poems by Arshad Meena Puri.  This collection is quite large throughout the collection, poetry has been written with    the mother as the axis. Arshad Meena Puri is a Qadir-ul-Kalam poet it is a part of them that they have shown the maturity and maturity to give special power to the greatness of the mother while respecting her dignity and emotional values they have experiences of the expression of the universal aesthetic values ​​of the mother, flame-filled feelings,  the power of growth, and a long  prelude to the whole universe full of thought these artistic aspects of his have come  to the fore in many genres of speech through this book There is a long series of lyric poems, there is a story of songs, and there are charms of   poems Apart from this, there are Manjhi songs, lament songs, lament songs, lullabies, Doha songs, line poems, and many other obsolete genres of speech, in which the shining and radiant sun of Mother  Greatness has risen the book under review, “Mother in Your Name” is a book compiled by Manager Ashiq Harganvi and Shahid Naeem. In which he has collected poems, ghazals, quatrains, lullabies, mahiyas, dohas, and songs on the greatness of mother.

Even before this, two  books by Manashi Aashiq Harganvi, ‘Mother’ and ‘O Mother’, have come to light on the same subject in addition, his article, ‘Mother in Urdu Poetry’ is also of great importance. Their devoted   time to the subject of motherhood underscores the importance of this subject. The poems and lyrics included in this book are very  interesting. After reading it, one realizes how many articles can be tied to just one article.

Poor Mother

“Poor Mother” is a play by Muhammad Hussain Jameel. Muhammad Hussain Jameel wrote many good plays which were also staged, which ‘Asir Shahzadi’ and ‘Gharib Maa’ are very important. The play “Poor Mother” is a social drama in  which class struggle is the subject. The drama strikes a chord with this hollow and baseless notion that nobility is not a family heritage, nor does knowledge, ability and human ability need royal dignity.

A person belonging to a noble family can fall from the level of nobility And a person can become a deputy collector even if he is the child of a mascara seller in all of this, the training and care of the mother are very important. The play focuses on the role of a poor mother who goes beyond all sections of society with her hard work and dedication where do his training and effort take his children from?


What Is an MBBS Degree?

Medical instruction has become over the top expensive and troublesome. Private medical colleges accept  15.2  million donations before admitting anyone, while the annual fee is 1.2 million. Besides, it would have cost one crore rupees to make a doctor in Pakistan in five years another important point is that even students who get 60% marks aspiring to become a medical doctor can get admission to a university in this country have become a doctor he said that the Pakistani nation does not understand this, good medical education is being imparted in the surrounding countries, so send your children to these countries, especially to the highest medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan.


The annual fee is up to Rs. In a year he becomes a complete doctor and he is taken hand in hand in any country in the world including Pakistan On the other hand, those who go to China and Russia need to become familiar with the language first and get clinical schooling in their language, which causes the understudy to experience the ill effects of twofold issues.

It takes two more years and extra money I was shocked to hear that a few months ago I saw a report that India and Bangladesh were sending their students to Central Asia for medical education about 30,000 medical students from India are studying in Central Asia while about 13,000 medical students from Pakistan are present there.

Children in the world should now be sent to study outside Pakistan as the coming era will be completely transformed into a global village, the borders of the countries will continue as before however the necessities will be no different for all kids are our resource and we want to zero in on teaching them to save and assemble their future.

Marriage in Islam


Marriage in Islam

As per the religion of Allah, marriage in Islam isn’t quite as trouble some as it has been made. Today our desires and expectations have increased to such an extent that we do not want to compromise on any issue anywhere.
Whether it is a boy or a girl in terms of appearance, qualifications, income or his or her family means family.
The boy should not be less than a family hero, should not be more than 25 years of age and earn enough money If a girl wants to be a maiden, her qualifications should not be less than that of a doctor or an engineer On the other hand, the conditions of the world have reached here today’s obscenity is at its height.

Adultery has become commonplace he brought the children to the point where today they have to make their girlfriends boyfriends we have no concept of I  in our religion and our Islamic society does not allow us to do that today our children are receiving co-education.
We did not impose any restrictions on them. We did not give them the knowledge of religion, fear of Allah, and piety then what should they do? even if some parents realize this need of their children in the beginning, they are content with their engagement while there is no concept of engagement in Islam then why do we become careless by engaging children and pushing them towards an illegitimate relationship? today, the age of marriage for children is passing.

One of the major reasons for this is the engagements which are broken after two to two years, five to five years. The reasons may be many as a result, the age of marriage increases, and the demand increases which we would not have given them for no reason the result is what we see today when Allah has ordained sustenance for a woman, then whatever you do, your children will get what is in their destiny, Then again, one more huge issue in our general public is that we would rather not take on individuals who have had some body before in their life. He is not ready to get married in any case no matter how much this man needs, he can commit Zina but not another marriage In this society, even those who are engaged, divorced, widowed, runaway or those who get married to two or three times have the same right to live with their heads held high as a well-to-do married man or a single young man the simple rule in Sharia to get rid of this responsibility is to do a lot of is taharah before establishing a relationship believe that your child has grown up many years ago and as far as earning is concerned, he who can bear the expenses of his girlfriend will surely bear his wife too.

Please make marriage normal and stop adultery here children are adults, and here they are introduced to their joints. Even if the age is not even 15 years. Especially for a girl in the West, when 11- to 12-year-olds can deal with life together, then why bother with practicing our religion? think, God, think and think again get yourself out of this sentence of what people will say. Society is formed by the actions of people. And this is what people want. You just can’t dare. If you dare, people will join you May Allah bless our children.
Amen, that meeting is the same as being is what Allah has written in their books.

General elections in the European Union.

General elections in the European Union.

Germany is viewed as the most grounded country in Europe as well as on the planet in light of major areas of strength for its and the choices made in its parliament influence the world as well preparations for the provincial and national assembly elections in Berlin, Germany, are in full swing this month, but they are very different from the preparations for the general elections in our country the election campaign here is not run by large rallies, but by placing pictures of people contesting elections on the enormous sheets in the roads across the city or the nation over with their party’s name on them.. The other way is to put their advertisements on the poles of the whole city participants in the elections go to their constituencies and meet with the people there, present their program to them and through dialogue persuade the people to vote for their party not only do the German people participate in these elections in large numbers, but foreigners with German citizenship also exercise their voting right on this day because they also know that their future is decided by the outcome of these elections. Is based in Germany and has been ruled by the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) for the past 16 years. In recent times, its popularity has declined significantly one of the many reasons for this may be that the German nation now wants a change in politics because in those 16 years a new generation has grown up with a slightly different angle of thinking and understanding and their priorities are slightly different from the old generation, and now they want to change at the moment, many political parties in Germany will run for the National Assembly
Of which five to six gatherings are remarkable and are famous among individuals.
Crust Democratic,
Social Democratic,
Free Democratic,
Alternative for Germany,
Green and Left with these races, the sun of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 16-year rule will set.
This time around, if his party wins the election, his candidate, Armen Lashit, will run for chancellor however, no one knows what the outcome will be every German citizen automatically joins the list of eligible voters in the general election here at the age of eighteen the number of voters in the 2021 elections this year is sixty-four million.

In the overall political race, German residents will actually want to practice their democratic right in two ways, one by post, and the other by visiting a surveying station in their area, as is the case in Pakistan these polling stations are extremely safe and secure, and there is almost zero chance of fraud the voter’s ID card is checked at the polling station to make sure that the vote belongs to him like the rest of the world, the vote is cast behind a curtain. In Germany, everyone has two suffrage.

There are two boxes to mark on the first paper, with the first mark he chooses the candidate of his constituency who has to win and become a Member of Parliament, as we have,
The second vote is given to directly elect any party which is not the case in our countries.
The number of votes cast for any political party indicates its success or failure.

To reach parliament, any political party needs the support of at least 5% of the electorate.
Paper has been used for voting in Germany for the last 70 years.
Here, too, voting hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
At the same time, the counting of votes in each constituency continues.
Thus, up to 95% of the results are announced by 6 pm.

There are 999 constituencies from all over Germany in this year’s elections. Each constituency is planned to have 250,000 people in each constituency, where the candidate will be directly elected and about the same number of seats will go to the party. Those are given by direct vote. Each party publishes a list of candidates for these seats in advance and submits it to the Election Commission.