Marriage in Islam


Marriage in Islam

As per the religion of Allah, marriage in Islam isn’t quite as trouble some as it has been made. Today our desires and expectations have increased to such an extent that we do not want to compromise on any issue anywhere.
Whether it is a boy or a girl in terms of appearance, qualifications, income or his or her family means family.
The boy should not be less than a family hero, should not be more than 25 years of age and earn enough money If a girl wants to be a maiden, her qualifications should not be less than that of a doctor or an engineer On the other hand, the conditions of the world have reached here today’s obscenity is at its height.

Adultery has become commonplace he brought the children to the point where today they have to make their girlfriends boyfriends we have no concept of I  in our religion and our Islamic society does not allow us to do that today our children are receiving co-education.
We did not impose any restrictions on them. We did not give them the knowledge of religion, fear of Allah, and piety then what should they do? even if some parents realize this need of their children in the beginning, they are content with their engagement while there is no concept of engagement in Islam then why do we become careless by engaging children and pushing them towards an illegitimate relationship? today, the age of marriage for children is passing.

One of the major reasons for this is the engagements which are broken after two to two years, five to five years. The reasons may be many as a result, the age of marriage increases, and the demand increases which we would not have given them for no reason the result is what we see today when Allah has ordained sustenance for a woman, then whatever you do, your children will get what is in their destiny, Then again, one more huge issue in our general public is that we would rather not take on individuals who have had some body before in their life. He is not ready to get married in any case no matter how much this man needs, he can commit Zina but not another marriage In this society, even those who are engaged, divorced, widowed, runaway or those who get married to two or three times have the same right to live with their heads held high as a well-to-do married man or a single young man the simple rule in Sharia to get rid of this responsibility is to do a lot of is taharah before establishing a relationship believe that your child has grown up many years ago and as far as earning is concerned, he who can bear the expenses of his girlfriend will surely bear his wife too.

Please make marriage normal and stop adultery here children are adults, and here they are introduced to their joints. Even if the age is not even 15 years. Especially for a girl in the West, when 11- to 12-year-olds can deal with life together, then why bother with practicing our religion? think, God, think and think again get yourself out of this sentence of what people will say. Society is formed by the actions of people. And this is what people want. You just can’t dare. If you dare, people will join you May Allah bless our children.
Amen, that meeting is the same as being is what Allah has written in their books.

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