Politics Religion And Interests

Religion and Politics
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Politics Religion And Interests

These are not my thoughts, but the facts that the scholars have formulated after research, and which every human being, family, and nation has encountered at different times you might have perused these focuses as well
The house where there is bad faith is obliterated.
In a country where there is a fraud, obliteration is its fate.

What’s more, the reality of these things we as a whole find in the set of experiences books than my wife and great rulers! for what reason is this unmistakable reality stowed away from your view from the set of experiences books and for what reason might you at any point gain from it? individuals endure the side-effects of this way of behaving, yet you will find in the set of experiences books how the rulers endure the fallouts see what fact the Mughal emperor also stated.

How unfortunate Zafar is for burial
No friend found even two yards of land

Numerous such incidents are recorded in the history books which are a moment of reflection for the people as well as the rulers. But I wish these rulers would have taken the real effect and considered it seriously now let’s talk about religion after some worldly facts because every one of our leaders never tires of mentioning Islam and this great being in the morning and evening for their interests (less in the interest of the nation). But first, let’s get some benefit from the principles of this great being.

Asked: What is the basis of Islam? found the solution: incredible propensities
The subsequent inquiry was posed the reaction is extraordinary propensities a comparative request was repeated for the third time requested extraordinary propensities today I have a question for my great leaders our rulers never tire of mentioning the Holy Prophet. Make sense of how they have worked on the ethics of the country I wish our leaders would pay attention to this. But the thinking of our rulers ends only when they come to their seats, their power now back to this-worldly reality. Malik is the mother of the country. It is said that the service of a mother for religious or worldly development is the duty of every individual, otherwise, ruin is the destiny of this family or nation just think what our rulers and leaders in particular were and where has this country taken them now or in other words where did this country (land) pick them up and take them to? we need to ask ourselves this reality again and again. also, I wish our rulers would over and again pose themselves the response to this inquiry on their direct.

Now come to the religious reality.

The skirmish of Tabuk has started money is needed for expenses the store was reported by you all of them took an active part in depositing the money and when the money was collected, they first asked their colleagues he first began questioning members of his cabinet Omar Farooq, what contribution have you made?
Reply: Half the house and half everything is at your disposal Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq was asked.
Answer: Your name and the name of your Lord have been left at home and presented in your service.
Similarly, Hazrat Usman and Hazrat Ali were questioned.

Given this precedent, in the present circumstances, our rulers and their ministers must present themselves as an example to the people and get out of this predicament by giving their surplus country (land) If this is the earth then we are all, otherwise what will happen? this our sharp, remarkable trailblazers know thoroughly well, and, shockingly, understanding reality doesn’t have the foggiest idea why they are reckless? Recollect your adversaries and never neglect to capitalize on your shortcomings eventually, in any case, the fact remains that Islam has been protected by God and the doomsday of Islam is to survive. But please do not use this great religion for your benefit doing so doesn’t decorate the leader of a Muslim state.

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