Here we dug pits under the hedges at different spots and where there were any hints of a tree, squeezed plastic compartments there and poured water in them, and put grains under the thick brambles. Be that as it may, I was unable to see any wild creature or bird somewhere far off. To extinguish my interest I asked Badr Munir that we have made significant progress and are orchestrating water and food here however there are no creatures and birds here? He expressed that right now since it is early afternoon, there is still a period for the evening to fall. As the sun sets, creatures and birds concealing in the shrubs will arise. Creatures and birds have been given this innate capacity by Allah Almighty that they for the most part stay where they desire to get water and food. I likewise asked them for what reason we have dug an opening in the sand. “Assuming we kept them that way, creatures and birds would be worried about the possibility that a tracker could have gotten them, yet when they are level with the ground, they would think of it as a wellspring of normal water,” he said. Water containers will not be absorbed due to the presence of plastic containers and are kept under the bushes so that the water can stay for a long time. In addition, even after us, use someone passes by here or it rains, the water will be stored in these pots, otherwise, therein rainwater is absorbed in the sand.